Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ready for the (Long!!!) Weekend

Week’s almost over. I usually hate four day weeks, but I’m really looking forward to having Good Friday off with the kids this week. I’m hoping (!!!) that they’ll sleep in a little bit and let me not get up at the butt crack of dawn.

This has been kind of a short week, anyway, for me. I took my classes to the Longview Museum of Fine Arts for the Student Art Show on Monday and Tuesday. The Sisters Mary G. and S. both had loads of kids with ribbons and, while awfully proud of them, I was feeling a little low. However, upon getting there with my third group of kids (I took four, and the Marys took an additional group) that one of my girls had gotten third place in the Sculpture category. Considering I only submitted three student works, I’m pretty pleased. :)

If you get a chance, go see the show. At the same time, see the exhibit of the contest juror, Michael Bane’s pieces. He’s a tromp l’oel artist and is freakin’ amazing!

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