Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Day

We’ve had such a relaxing weekend, it’s hard to believe. Considering how worn out we’ve all been lately, it was a little unnerving having much of nothing to do today. When the rain became a deluge this morning, we decided to skip church. I burned the bacon a little bit while cooking breakfast, so we took advantage of the nice (read: cool but not cold—this has nothing to do with rain!) fall weather and just open the doors. We turned off all the air and let the breeze do its thing. After a while, the air going from the front of the house, through to the back door, got a little cool so we closed one door but kept the other one open.

Harrison, of course, had never seen anything like this—we’re very much a hermetically sealed family who venture outside a few times a year and recede back inside in a fit of allergies and mosquito bites. The concept of opening the door—and leaving it open—was completely foreign to him. He first wanted to go out and play in it. After putting on his rubber gardening shoes and raincoat and grabbing his brand new Speed Racer umbrella, he went out to pretend he was Gene Kelley for a while. The rain fell for hours and after he dried off and warmed up, he set up station right inside the front door, camping out with pillow and snuggly blanket to watch the downpour.

All the while, we hung out in the office, Laura playing on the carpet with some toys and occasionally eating (she’s holding her own bottle now—just started in earnest yesterday!) while Robert and I played on our respective computers and did small chores around the house.

Now the kids are both asleep, Robert is playing his new video game and I am watching Titanic on TV in HD.

I could not have asked for a more relaxing, enjoyable day. I feel refreshed and ready to attack the new week.

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