Thursday, October 22, 2009

Low Carb is Good

Been trying new recipes lately. The low carb thing is going OK, but I’m getting tired of eating the same boiled eggs and hunks of meat all the time. I feel better than ever—energy is up, mood (for the most part, recent PMS aside) is pretty chipper most of the time—but I’m not losing just buckets full of weight.

I attribute part of that to the fact that I’m older, my metabolism is just different than it was seven years ago and my hormones are still kind of screwey from having Laura just the other day. I think the other part of it, though, is that I’ve been eating much the same stuff every day, rotating between three or four different things but still settling on the same foods.

I think my body had decided that this was the new norm and so it just hunkered down and refused to give up any land.

I, on the other hand, am the Alamo, refusing to give up the fight, even though it seems hopeless. The little William Travises and Davey Crocketts running around in my cells are fighting it out to the end.

I still haven’t gone totally off plan. I did have a few crackers at the block party last week but I only ate them in an attempt to jump start my weight loss. I had been at the same weight for over a week despite the fact that my ketone strips were the darkest purple they could be. Not only had the scale not budged, but my pants were not fitting any better.

Since the cracker incident, I’ve had a little bit of trouble getting my ketones to go so dark again, but I have noticed that the scales have started moving downward, inching ever so slowly.

So we’ve started using new recipes. I cooked a crustless broccoli quiche a few nights ago that was pretty freaking awesome and last night I made a shrimp and feta stew that made me want to slap someone it was so good. Tonight I made a ham fritatta that made my head spin it was so good. My only gripe about these recipes is that they’re kind of small. The serving size is fine, but there are only a few servings in them so the leftovers don’t last very long. That, however, is easily fixable—I’m going to start doubling the food I cook.

So, low carb—still good. I’m driving to Dallas tomorrow and I’m not worried in the least about cheating on my diet. As I’ve said before, I went to the stinkin’ State Fair and didn’t eat anything untoward. I think I can handle a simple drive three hours away and back without blowing my entire regimen.

Onward and inward!

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