Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Karate Kid

Had a nice, low-key birthday today. My folks are planning on taking me out for dinner tomorrow night and Robert and I did the horse thing Tuesday, so we had just a calm night at home.

Got to watch the boy spar in karate, which was pretty cool. He really seemed to enjoy getting to actually hit someone after all the practice he’s put in on his kicks and punches. He was very disappointed that the ‘red head guy’ (kid wearing a red helmet) beat him when he was a ‘black head guy’ (he, of course, wearing the black helmet). He got in a good smack or two, but the other kid beat him to three points.

I think, though, that we might be able to use this sparring business as behavior leverage. The folks who teach the class have a different location each night during the week and paid students may participate in as many classes as they are willing to drive to. I think if he can keep his crap together for the bulk of the week, I might be willing to drive him to another night’s practice so he can get some more sparring under his belt.

That’s my plan, anyway. I’m hoping it will work. I’m tired of offering incentives to him and having him misbehave at school anyway. Maybe this will be the magic bullet.

Hope, hope, hope. (Fingers crossed!)

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