Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grateful, Part 2

“Ok, Mommy, it’s your turn.”

We’re telling our stones at the dinner table. Robert has already added his two to the pile—his desk if finally on its way here after being in Delivery Purgatory for about a month and we got our super-cheap copy of Dan Brown’s newest book in the mail today (thank you,!).

“Um, ok. I’m grateful for…I’m grateful that my kids are finally done painting their color wheels. As much as I love the project and as happy and cheery as the colors make me, I’m tired of cleaning paint off the tables and out of the sinks and I’m ready for that particular mess to be done with.”

I drop my stone in the bowl.

Harrison looks at me and holds his stones up. He has two happy thoughts tonight. “I’m glad that you’re my friend, Mommy.” Stone drops in the bowl.

“And daddy’s your friend, too, huh?”

“Yep, you and daddy are my friends.” Big grin.

“And Laura, too?”

A little exasperated, but still happy. “Uh huh, you and daddy and Laura are all my best friends.”

He holds up his second stone.

“And I’m glad I hit Grayson hard tonight and knocked him down and got the point.”

Karate tourney coming up, yo.

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