Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Making a Future

Meeting for LongviewWOW was productive tonight. Looks like we’re going to be in the Christmas parade this year—that should be fun! Also looks like we’ll be doing some pretty neat stuff in the upcoming future. I’m hoping to help organize a science day for kids (totally stealing the idea from Katy Did, a blog I ran across over the summer). Other things for consideration are planning out some GeoCaches for kids, perhaps with a St. Patrick’s Day theme, and some sort of historical reenactment. Not that I didn’t enjoy helping work on the Lego robotics stuff, but I’m kind of glad to see that we’re going to be doing some other stuff that branches out into different areas of interest. I think that they kids of Longview are really going to enjoy the stuff we’ve got planned for them. I know that when we first started working with this group and told Harrison what our plans were, he was super excited about it all. His first question about it was, “Will I be able to touch the stuff, Mommy?” How can I not make that happen for him?

Off, now, to bed and rest before more activity for tomorrow. Thursday night is the only night I don’t have something planned, so I’m kind of running out of energy.


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