Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break?


So much in my brain to get done!

In a way, I hate holidays because I always have a list longer than my arm of things I want to get done. Inevitably, the list gets nowhere near completed and I always end up feeling like a failure.

To that end, I’m trying to keep my expectations low for the next week. Add to the lack of time to get all the myriad things done that I want to do done a remarkable shortage of money as well and, well, you can imagine what I’ll get to do.

So. Free and quick projects. Yay!

Seriously, though, I’ve got some pretty cool stuff that I want to get done:

  • I’m going to finish up my front bed—need to add one more layer of potting soil, rig up my lattice and get the morning glory, moon flower and bluebonnet seeds in the ground
  • I need to weed out the bed from last year, maybe add another layer of compost to freshen things up, and then plant the seeds for Harrison’s sunflower house
  • While I’m working in last year’s bed/this year’s sunflower house, I want to extend the bed area down the fence line, adding brick borders using the paving bricks I had my student pull up the other day. I’m not so much worried about getting the bed planted; I just want to get it ready so I can plop seeds and/or seedlings in it when it warms up a little more
  • I’ve got a shirt half cut out for Harrison. As it’s a simple t-shirt, I don’t think it would take more than a few hours to get finished cutting it out and sewn up. Now that I’ve got a few hours ahead of me, maybe I can do it?
  • I have some of the chicken wire I used to make my compost bin left over from last year. I think I’m going to make a second bin to accommodate the clippings from the yard this year. When I run out of room in both of them—and it will probably happen this year—I’m just going to have them bag up the extra and leave it in the back yard. It will get used eventually. The stuff I cooked all winter is so coarse and grainy, you could plant anything in it and it would grow perfectly. I want more of that.

In addition to all this, we’re going to see Muse again this week (with much better seating than last time!). Going to go see some friends and let our kids play. Robert’s taking the boy to build stuff at Lowe’s tomorrow and we’re going to an art opening at the local gallery tomorrow night. Daffodils on Sunday, along with some kite flying.

There’s more. I’ll never get it all done. I’m coming to terms with this.

I guess it’s best to at least have a plan so you have something you can let go of if need be. If you don’t have that much, all you do is sit around, waiting for something to do. I can’t think of many things more miserable than that.

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