Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sick Leave

Ok, I’m reneging. I’m too tired to watch TV. I’ve been up since 6:50, chasing a toddler and I’m worn out. It’s amazing, but being in a classroom with teenagers all day never wears me out anywhere near as much as being around my own kids all day does. I don’t know if I just engage more and thus am more mentally tired, or if my two livewires are just more to handle than teenagers. Something interesting to ponder while I’m on Spring Break next week.

Baby is still runny. I’m about ready to just stuff her full of oatmeal and call it good. You know that would have to absorb something. I don’t know. I’m just tired of sick kids.

Harrison and I got the nasturtiums planted in the main front bed this evening. Only had four seedlings, but they all transplanted pretty well, I think. We’ll see how well they adapt to being in the ‘real’ dirt as opposed to my newspaper cups. I’m hoping to get some more potting soil on the other bed so I can get my bluebonnets and morning glories planted this weekend. Those seedlings are starting to get a little leggy and I don’t want them petering out before I can get some dirt on them.

Went to Harrison’s last night of yellow belt practice tonight. He tests next week for his orange belt and, while I don’t want to be premature, I think he’s going to do fine on the test. Especially when I see the sloppy technique of some of the older kids at higher ranking belts. Harrison really seems to be taking the class seriously, which is more than I can say for some of the kids up there. I’m glad he’s enjoying it, because he really does seem to do well at it. Maybe the two are connected…? :)

Hitting the hay. Have to go back to work tomorrow. Honestly, as long as it doesn’t involve crappy diapers, I’m ok with that. I kind of miss my teenagers, nut-jobs though they are.

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