Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday in East Texas

Neighbor Lady thinks I’m crazy, I’m sure, but I went ahead and planted the bluebonnet seeds. We’ll see if they sprout. Even if they just sprout, green up and don’t flower out, they will should reseed the area, meaning that next year, they’ll just pop up because they’ve percolated for a year in the right conditions. We’ll see. As I keep telling Neighbor Lady, I’m just kind of making this up as I go along anyway, seeing what happens when I do different things, so as long as I’m out getting my hands dirty and playing with the plants in the fresh air, I’m happy.

In other news, we also went to the East Texas Oil Museum today. I’ve lived in the greater East Texas area for twenty years now. Eight of those years I lived in Kilgore, but had never been to the Oil Museum until today. I was really impressed with what we saw. They have some really interesting historical artifacts and the ‘downtown’ area was really cool. You can go into all the 1930s stores and see what they were like back in the day. The docents were really friendly—really, for someone who sports a ‘Misanthrope’ bracelet daily, they were a little too friendly, but they were very informative and obviously had a great love for what they do. The elevator ride to the ‘center of the earth’ was kind of funny in a low (waaaaaay low) tech kind of way. The puppet who had lost a hand somewhere over the years and so had his sleeve tucked into his pocket (thus making him look like he was playing with himself through the entire presentation) was kind of funny. :)

In all, it was a good way to spend an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon. Harrison had fun, we all learned some stuff and I can finally say that I’ve been to one of the East Texas landmarks I’ve somehow missed for all this time.

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