Tuesday, March 23, 2010

24 Body Count


Episode 13: 4 am to 5 am

Holy crap! The Girl Formerly Known As Hair Over Her Shoulder, a turncoat?

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Electrical is out at CTU. Jack gets his NSA buddy to see about helping the beleaguered agency out and then says he’s off to chase terrorists. He’s got a hunch that he knows where they’re going—with all bridges and tunnels closed down (thanks NSA!), there’s only one place the bad guys can get onto Manhattan. So off to the East River he and his merry band of CTU agents go. Shhhhhh….we’re hunting tewowists! Jack tells his buddy that he’ll call back when he knows something.

And then all hell breaks lose.

  • Middle Eastern President’s Former Head Of Security and Head Terrorist Guy see Jack and Co. heading into their vicinity and head off in a boat after leaving strict instructions that the snipers left in place are to take out the CTU fellas. They fire on the SUV, the agents take cover and begin firing back. Long story short, their guys got two of our guys, but our guys got five of theirs. Jack took out two of them, one after being shot by one of them. Scooby got one and, in what can only be the beginning of the end for her, Renee got two, one as he had a bead on Jack and was about to finish him.
  • Meanwhile, back at the ranch CTU, Sexual Harassment Guy tells Bubba that there were three fatalities in the EMP detonation, presumably one of which was the guard who attempted to drive the car out of the tunnel. A mess load of other general injuries. General status report stuff.
  • Oh, yeah, The Girl Formerly Known As Hair Over Her Shoulder? She’s in cahoots with the terrorists. I have to admit that I didn’t see that one coming. I’ve been watching this show for years, and I’ve called the twists a bajillion times before. I knew that F.H.o.S. had to be bad since he seemed to be good. But for some reason, this one totally crept by me. And how do we know that The Girl Formerly Known As Hair Over Her Shoulder is evil? Well, first of all, she killed the crazy eyed parole officer who was looking for Ex-Boyfriend. That could have been excused as her having a Batshit Crazy Day—we all have them, don’t we (minus the garroting of people who just won’t leave us alone, of course)?—but she called Head Terrorist Guy immediately after.

Totals: This episode, ten. Season as a whole, forty-nine, including Jack’s nine.

In un-death related news, Chloe pulled a gun on the NSA prick guy who was supposed to be helping get CTU back on line. She made a plea for her reputation and asked to be trusted just this once. Bubba, in a fit of common sense, trusts her and lets her do her thing. She, of course, gets electricity back on and a few computers back up and running. I’m kind of predicting that her work around to the very dangerous situation that NSA guy was trying to avoid is going to come back and bite her, but I don’t know.  I’m kind of shaken after the whole Hair Over Shoulder thing.

Oh, and Middle Eastern President’s Daughter now knows that she was played by her boyfriend. Man, she’s got to feel like a chump.

So, looking forward to seeing what they’re going to do with Now Evil Hair Over Shoulder.

It’s getting pretty good.

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