Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bedded, Part 2

Worked in my secondary flowerbed today. Got the edges of it weeded—didn’t worry about the middle, except for the big, horking dandelion plants—I just uprooted them completely. I figured the stuff in the middle is going to be smothered by four or five layers of newspaper, so if it does bother to show it’s ugly face, I’ll be able to handle it pretty easily.

After weeding the edges, I laid two layers of newspaper down and went around the edges with the big sandstone bricks that I had one of the neighbor kids pull out of all the beds for me the other day. I hosed this down to make it conform a little better and now it’s ready for me to fill up. I’m going to do a few more layers of newspaper—probably four or five sheets, total—and then I’m going to start layering on the soil amendments. I’ve got compost ready to fill, as well as a bag of manure. I think I need one more small bag of regular potting soil, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I’ve spent so much money at Lowe’s lately, I’m sure they’re wondering where I was today. When I rewarded Harrison on Friday with some gardening tools (he had been good at school every day that week—didn’t get on yellow or red at all! Woo-hoo!), he offered to drive me there since he knew where it was.

Maybe I’ve spent too much time at the gardening center lately… :)

Still deciding what to put in this particular bed. I got some bluebonnets that I’m thinking might look nice there, with some kind of vining thing in the background. Any ideas?




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