Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Day

So, bits and bobs of what’s going on in the Brown House:

  • Still haven’t watched 24. Will probably try to get to it tomorrow so if you’re waiting with bated breath to see what has happened, I’m guessing Jack kicked some ass, Renee whined and was weepy and Bubba Gump wanted someone to figure out this damned nuke problem. I’ll have specifics tomorrow.
  • As to why we haven’t watched 24, Harrison and I finally went back to our schools today. Robert and Laura, alas, did not go back to their respective day jobs. Laura is still not, shall we say, solid. I mean, she’s coming along, but she’s still kind of…fluid. So we haven’t much had time for TV. When we do have an extra hour or two, mostly we just want to crash in bed and recoup our energy.
  • I forgot to mention that yesterday, when we were all four home, I did get about thirty minutes to work out in my secondary flowerbed. The girl was napping and the boys were playing video games, so I took the chance to go lay a second layer of newspaper, wet it and then start the layering process in that bed. I’ve got compost and manure and I’m thinking a good solid layer of potting soil will do me there. I’m thinking of taking the leftover bamboo poles I have left from my tomatoes last year—I’ve got probably a dozen or so—and building a simple lattice with them. I would then grow some blue morning glories and some white moon flowers. In the bed, proper, I want to put the bluebonnet seeds I got the other day. I’ve always loved those flowers and think a blue and white bed would be pretty awesome. Now to figure out what to put in the front bed…
  • Back to the sick thing, I’m staying home with Laura again tomorrow (the poop thing…), so I got out of administering the benchmark test at work. So, in reference to the question I asked recently regarding what I would rather do than administer a standardized test? It seems that changing poopy diapers is on the list.

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