Monday, March 15, 2010

Beds Being Made

We finally got around to watching last week’s 24 last night and I’m about to sit down with my honey and watch tonight’s. Starting too late to give a synopsis tonight, but I’ll sit down while the kids are Sesame Street-ing in the morning and get it written up. Suffice it to say that I was unsurprised with last night’s/last week’s episode.

Harrison and I worked out in the yard today, which was pretty awesome. I’m making some headway on the back garden; I’ll post pictures, probably tomorrow. I also had an idea of what to do with the wooden pallets dad had brought over from his work. I had originally intended on trying to use them some way to make the edgings for my lasagna beds (not sure what my plan was…), but I’ve decided that I’m going to use them as makeshift trellises in the backyard. I’ve got them against the fence in several places back there and I’m going to ring them all with some brick to keep the soil off the fences and then plant them up. I’m doing gourds one one, but I’m open to ideas on the others. Whatever goes on them, I want it to be a vining, climbing something or other. I’ll mull it over for the next week or so and see what comes to me.

So, off to watch 24 and then get some sleep. Still more to do in the yard and there’s no rest for the weary. :)

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