Saturday, March 27, 2010

Winding Down

Got the stuff done for the World of Wind. Spent the better part of the morning cutting string and kite templates and typing up a word document that gave history, safety tips and instructions so that people could go more or less at their own pace. Got to the park, we got set up and the race was on.

Ours was a boistrous group, but they were fun and very excited to participate in our different sessions. Harrison came home with a tornado in a bottle, a pinwheel, a wind sock, a newspaper kite, a wind glider and paper airplanes. He skipped the wind mill, but I’m going to get the supplies and instructions for that from Amy and let him do that at home.

The most challenging part of the day was how windy it actually was. Ironically, when trying to make crafts to learn about the wind, a big dose of gustiness is counterintuitive.

About to go crash in bed. Honestly could have done it a few hours ago, but I spent a little bit of ‘me time’ playing some Super Paper Mario and watching some TV with my honey. Got to get some rest, though, because, since he let me sleep in this morning, I’m probably going to be on duty when Harrison wakes up at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow.

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