Monday, March 1, 2010

24 Body Count

Episode 10: 1 am to 2 am

Slow night tonight, body-count-wise. Only had one:

  • Middle Eastern President’s Brother finally bought it. I figured he’d die, as much noise as he was making. Besides, we’re only ten hours in—we can’t have a clear path to the bad guys yet! What would we do for the next fourteen hours? “Phew! Glad we got that case solved! Now what’cha wanna do?” “I dunno. What do you wanna do?” “We can do whatever you want…” And so on, until 24 becomes my teenage date nights all over again. Yeah, I think it’s better that it went this way, lest Jack and Renee end up at the food court at the mall, Jack looking annoyed that Renee wants to go check out the posters and lewd greeting cards at Spencer's again…

Totals: Thirty-two confirmed. I think I need to go back to that early episode and re-watch the scene when the cars are being ambushed because that’s when the one ambiguous kill showed up. Maybe sometime this week.

So. Scooby and The Girl Formerly Known as Hair Over Her Shoulder spent the hour disposing of Ex-Boyfriend and Greasy Friend. That can’t possibly come back to haunt either of them. Right?

A new terrorist is introduced in the little band of suicidal brothers. This one is half American, Mare Winningham being his mother. I, of course, being the ass that I am, am unable to see past her St. Elmo’s Fire character. So, Elmo’s son reminds me of some of my students. You know the type—angry with the world. Ready to do something that actually means crap to the rest of society but that they have built up into this great, important thing. Upper lip protruding and speech somewhat lisped because of the retainer keeping Mom and Dad’s $5,000 investment properly aligned. Even before we saw the previews for next week, I knew that they’d be bringing Mama in on this one. I mean, really. In season two, Jack cut off a guy’s head to get someone to talk (obviously not that guy…). You think he won’t resort to telling on you to your mom? Please.

I’m still trying to decide if Middle Eastern President’s Daughter’s boyfriend (M.E.P.’s former head of security, natch) is a bad guy. All the signs point to ‘no,’ which tells me that, of course he must be evil. I swear, sometimes I feel like Vizzini from The Princess Bride when watching this show! “Wait ‘til I get going!”

Um, what else? … Bubba stood up to the President’s Man, refusing to blame Renee for the day’s earlier screw up. (You know, when she stabbed that guy in the eye. And his gut. A lot.) … Chloe disarmed a suicide bomber’s trigger via the interwebs …

And that’s pretty much all.


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