Sunday, February 28, 2010

Easy (Like a Sunday Morning)

At the risk of sounding whiny (yet again…), I’m so glad this month is over!

Finally got to work out in the flowerbeds today. The neighbors think I’m nuts. I don’t care. I got the second layer of concrete bags in place and started layering up my ‘lasagna’ bed. I’ve got four layers down now—newspaper, compost, leaves and potting soil. I’m planning on getting some manure and adding that in somewhere in my layering. I’ll also be adding some more compost—my pile is beyond phenomenal this year!

In other news, the last of the ‘Crap With Which I’ve Overloaded Myself’ chores was done today. Harrison competed in his second tournament, this time as an orange belt and he won his match! I totally expected him to lose it because he’s not practiced nearly as much this semester as he did last semester, but he pulled it out and smacked the other kid around pretty well. In all, the total match was 30 seconds and the other kid only got in one point.

High points of the day—playing with the girl, hearing her laugh and sitting outside with the boy, having a picnic after we got to a stopping point in the flower bed.

Now going to have a high point with the husband by watching some recorded Big Bang Theory that we have not had a chance to see.

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