Monday, February 8, 2010

24 Body Count, et al

Episode 7: 10 pm to 11 pm

Well, things are starting to get interesting.

  • Renee finally went ape crap bananas on the Russian mobster who raped her six years ago, to the tune of a knife to the eye and then multiple stab wounds to the chest. When Jack tried to get her to chill the eff out, she turned around and stabbed him in the gut, but apparently not enough to slow him down too much because…
  • When one of the Russian goons came into the room and was getting all prepped to shoot Renee, Jack popped up from behind the couch and threw the knife that Renee stabbed into his gut and  landed it in the guy’s throat. Goon down.
  • Then, when another goon was running towards the room, Jack shot through the wall, killing that fella.
  • Potential: The jerk ex-boyfriend of Hair-Over-The-Shoulder girl and his friend robbed the police impound. When a cop was about to call in the mess they made in the evidence cage, Jerk’s Friend took a baseball bat to the cop and beat the crap out of him. We don’t know he’s dead, but it’s possible.

So, final score for the night: Jack is up to four total, two of whom bought it tonight as part of the three total for the night. (Clear as mud?) Season total, thus far: twenty-three confirmed, two unconfirmed.

Other areas of synaptic flash for me tonight: I’ve got five episodes of Heroes to watch. Five hours of mediocre TV. Meanwhile, I’m unable to record The Big Bang Theory on Monday nights because we only have a two channel receiver and one channel is engaged with 24 while the other is saving (you guessed it!) Heroes. I don’t know why I’m unable to just let this show go. I guess because I have so much buy-in at this point that I just can’t let myself not watch the full run, no matter how silly it gets.  I think it’s the same thing that forced me to plug through Spanish 2 in high school although I was failing miserably at the end (not skipping school probably could have helped with that…) just so I could get the “Honors” seal on my diploma. Robert, on the other hand, quit Spanish 2 his Senior year because he saw that it was not going to be of any use to him (as he interpreted it [ha! interpreted! I slay myself!]). He decided a label on his diploma didn’t mean crap, cut the strings and went on to other things that he was more interested in. Interestingly, he’s not been watching Heroes at all this season. Which, come to think about it, is probably why I’m not watching it each week, but rather, two or three (or more) episodes at a time, as I find the time and energy. When I watch TV with Robert, I actually make the time to do it. When it’s something for myself, I usually put it off because my free time is so limited I just can’t see spending that time watching something subpar.


In other news, I introduced my intentions to share The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens in Advisory today. They acted like they were not interested in it at all at first, but once I clarified that I wasn’t going to be giving them homework or tests over it, they warmed up to the idea. I know that, as teenagers, their gut reactions to anything have to be that it’s stupid, but I assured them that once they got past that, that they could really get something out of it. I’m looking forward to seeing what they learn and how they are going to be able to grow with it. I noticed that, although they talked big game about how dumb it all was, they all took the packets and got to setting up their folders pretty quickly. I think that bodes well.

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