Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So I’m pretty much to the point that February sucks.

I mean, yeah, there’s love and birthdays and all that good junk. But the thing is, for such a short month, I can’t seem to find a minute to breathe because there’s just so much crammed into it.

Two art competitions, one of which my own students are involved in while for the other I act more as a cheerleader for my former students and my coworkers.

Two birthdays, counting Robert and dad. Three if you count the party for Laura, although she was born in March. (And just when, exactly, did she get to be almost a year old?!? What the crap?!?)

School stuff—a dance show that I like to go to because it’s so darned impressive. Grades—let’s not forget grades! (The tension kinks in my neck and back aren’t forgetting grades. They’re definitely not forgetting students who can’t be bothered to turn in their work on time and who come and drop their drawings on my desk the day I’m entering grades into the computer. Really? Are you kidding? When did turning in work on time to the teacher become optional? When did the teachers chasing down kids and practically begging them to turn in their [already very late!!!] work become the norm?!?)

And because I don’t want my kid to become a TV drone, I haul him around town to Lowes for the free build-it workshops on alternating Saturdays to get a little Bob the Builder in him (but not in the creepy way that that sounds…). I take him to karate at least one night a week, more if he can keep his crap together at school and quit getting in trouble.

It’s no wonder that I went to bed at 8 pm last night.

I’m exhausted.

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