Thursday, February 4, 2010

Walk This Way

The girl is taking steps now. Away from people or things.

Holy Jeeze!

So far, it’s only been one or two, but they’re definitely independent steps. The ladies at her daycare said she had taken a few steps today, which kind of bothered me—I wanted us to be the first to see her walk!—but I guess this is the tradeoff we have to make when we work outside the house.

While I was getting ready to head out the door tonight to run to the library and the grocery store, Robert pulled her up to standing and, after letting her get her balance, let go her hands. She looked at him, took two steps and popped back down on the ground, squealing in delight. She’s been doing the ‘walk with her hands in mommy or daddy’s hands’ thing for a few weeks now, so she definitely knows how the feet mechanism works. She’s just putting balance into the equation and, man, she’s excited!

I can absolutely see that she will be walking by her birthday (in less than a month!!!).

I can also see that I’m going to have to start being extra vigilant now.

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