Friday, February 12, 2010


After driving past countless snow-dusted houses this morning and seeing happy parents and children outside playing, building snowmen and throwing snowballs, I was a little bit bitter that I still had to go in to work today. I mean, yeah, I got to go in two hours later and, really, I ended up going in even later than that since I went with Harrison to his school to be at his Valentine’s Day party. But still, all I could think was how much it sucked that all these other parents got to stay home with their kids and enjoy the only real snow we’ve had in East Texas in years while I had to go educate.

So I’m happy to say that when the 3:30 bell rang to let the 40% of the student body who actually showed up today out, I was not far behind them. Even better, since Robert had gotten any snow-related kinks worked out at the office, he was able to come home and play, too.

We went out in the yard and learned how to roll the snow around to make forms. Man, that snow was pretty sticky on itself—for a life-long Southern girl who has never really seen much winter weather besides slush, it’s really impressive! We now have two pretty good sized snow-folk out in our yard. I originally intended to make two big ones and two small ones for a family portrait of sorts, but after the second one, I was so tired and Harrison was so wet that we decided to give it up for the day. We went across the street and he played with his neighbor friend for a few minutes, but we quickly hoofed it back into the warmth of the house (thank you SWEPCO for getting our electricity back on so quickly—I know there are lots of families out there, both locally and nationwide, who are still relying on backup generators and the like). We got a fire going in the fireplace, warmed our toes and spent the rest of the evening hanging out and just enjoying each other.

The rest of the house is sleeping now while I’m watching some crap TV and enjoying the quiet.

For all the gripes I have about winter—the cold, the chapped lips, the dry, scaly skin, the staticy hair, the cold—I really have to say that I don’t mind snow—real snow—that much. I don’t think I’d want to have it for the entire year or even continuously for the entire season, but a good couple of sprinkles each winter wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

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