Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Falling on Pine Trees

I’m drained. I spent the better part of an hour or more making sandwiches for Harrison’s Valentine’s Day party at school tomorrow. I don’t mind having done it—I feel badly that I don’t get to do more than I do—but I’m afraid that the whole school day is going to get cancelled and I’ll be stuck with a platter of three loaves worth of sandwiches. It has snowed all day long—literally—and while the rest of the world wouldn’t have trouble with that, in East Texas that means that people can’t be trusted outside of their home boundaries.

To be fair, they’re really cute—I took heart shaped cookie cutters and cut out the bread, meat and cheese and then stacked them together for eating. I’m going to take a small bottle of mayo and mustard with me, I think, for the actual eating of them at the party. I also made some pink cream cheese (dyed with food coloring) and strawberry jam sammiches with half the bread. I was worried about how they’d taste since I had never tried the recipe out before. I mean, were is socially acceptable, I’d eat cream cheese straight from the package, but I’m not sure what everyone else things about that. With the addition of the jam, though, they were just about perfect—the sweetness took the edge off the cream cheese’s tartness. I wanted to sprinkle some powdered sugar on the tops of them but didn’t have any in the pantry. I’m pretty sure they’ll be fine as is, though.

All said, the snow was really pretty today. Harrison and I, like everyone else in East TX today, built a small snowman in the back yard. Robert said you could tell the snowman was an East TX one because of all the straw hanging out of him. :) Harrison was not happy about having snowballs thrown at him, but he was happy to throw them at me. My silly rangy-tang. :)

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