Friday, February 26, 2010


Anyone want to guess how sore one would be after lifting and moving twenty-eight 40-lb bags of concrete by herself? Especially if that person were phenomenally out of shape?

I’ve got to get back to the gym. I’m out of shape in ways I didn’t even know I could be out of shape. My muscles get sore a the least little exertion, and I’m not just counting the concrete—plain old general physical labor hurts the next day, too. I lose my breath almost immediately and have to stop to rest. Don’t even talk to me about flexibility. If I can bend down to tie my shoes, it’s a good day (which explains the plethora of non-tying shoes I regularly wear).

Got to get back into shape. Now that the baby is a little bigger, now that spring is here, now that excuse, excuse, excuse, I’ve got to get back into shape.

Anyone want to watch the kids while I go run?

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