Saturday, March 13, 2010

Garden Day (or, Coming Up With A Pithy Title Every Night Wears Me Out!)

Ok, so the secondary bed is finished, at least as far as placement of rocks and soil and things. I got the trellis made using the bamboo sticks and planted the morning glory seedlings at its base, so that’s good. I want to plant some more viney things—maybe some more morning glories, definitely some moon flowers (or evening glories, as I saw them referred to today, which made me smile), perhaps some four o’clocks. Debating on what to fill the actual bed with. Had thought to put in bluebonnet seeds, but my Master Gardener neighbor-lady (we won’t touch that with a ten foot pole…) says that they won’t bloom this spring if I do so. Well, she is a master, so what do I know? Of course, she’s all the time talking about how gardening is so easy if you just follow the rules, whereas my philosophy seems to run the direction of ‘Rules, schmules.’ So who knows? Maybe I’ll put the seed in and just call it good. If nothing happens in a decentish amount of time—a month, say—I’ll just get some pansies and fill the bed since they make me happy, as well. Who knows?

Heading to bed now. Everyone else in the family got a nap today while I was out working in the flowerbed. We drove out to Mrs. Lee’s Daffodil Garden when everyone got up, but we got there about ten minutes before it closed, so while we got to drive through it (oh! but Wordsworth was right—my heart does fill with pleasure when it dances with the daffodils!), we did not get to stop at the cabin by the lake and play. In retrospect, it was probably for the best because pushing Laura’s stroller through all the hills and bumps would have been a total pain, but it stung a little to not get to stop. Maybe some other time…

Off to sleep for real now, to dream of flowers nodding in the breeze.

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