Thursday, March 18, 2010

Leaving Cowtown

This vacation business is wearing me out. I’m going to need some recuperation to get over the ‘rest’ I’ve been getting. :)

I complain, but I have to say, we really had a wonderful time visiting Tonia and her family up in Ft. Worth. After all the Stockyard stuff yesterday, and the concert last night, we took it a bit easier today. We met up with some friends at the Kimble Art Museum and hung out there a bit before going for some lunch.

We had considered going to the Museum of Science and History as it’s got lots of cool stuff for kids but Harrison was getting whiny, which was our indication of an imminent meltdown. We decided instead to head over to the Ft. Worth Water Gardens. Considering that he fell asleep in the ten minute drive to the garden, I think we made the right choice. We stayed at the garden long enough for me and Harrison to climb down while Robert and Laura watched and took pictures and then we headed home. Much as I figured he would do, Harrison was asleep before we left the city limits (but then again, so was I, so who am I to talk…?).

Home again now, we’re all just exhausted but I can’t say how glad we are that we had this mini-vacation. We got to spend time with some of our favorite friends, we got to see some really cool stuff and Robert and I got to go to what we’ve decided is one of the best concerts we have ever seen.

Now. About that sleep…

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