Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hunting Easter Eggs

As a child, we had an Easter egg hunt at school. I was eating one of my eggs on the way home and saw that some dye had gotten through the shell. I figured that it was bad (I was in elementary--my logic skills weren't quite honed just yet...), so I put it in the only trash can I could find: the car's ashtray.
Flash forward to the end of school. May in Houston. Hot and humid and generally nasty. My family doesn't smoke so the ashtray doesn't get emptied a whole lot. Mom notices a smell in the car. A dead smell. She searches the entire station wagon and finds nothing. My dad pulls out all the seats thinking one of our myriad animals has climbed under them and died.
They eventually found the egg and the proper blame was placed.
I tell this story to parents and grandparents of young children to warn you to be vigilant, watching each and every one of those darned eggs they get their hands on.
Harrison left an egg in my classroom and I get to go get it tomorrow on my day off. Thank you karma. Thank you irony fairies.

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