Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bloomin’ Great!

Had several nice treats in the garden today.

First of all, the nasturtiums I planted way back in February are finally getting blooms. They’ve had leaves—lots and lots of leaves—for ages. But I stepped out of the garage this morning and noticed a bright red burst of color. There are several buds ready to open on each of the three plants I’ve got in the front bed, so I’m looking forward to seeing that display.

Secondly, I was looking at the sunflowers this afternoon and one of the seeds I planted yesterday is already poking its head up! I was floored at how quickly it sprung up. I’m very excited to see how this garden is going to come along. I’m very nervous about it now after all the work, the anticipation and the letdown, but I’ve got high hopes for it.

Finally, my green beans are going crazy! I planted six seeds in each mound and there have been at least five plants pop up in each one. I’ thinned them back to three per mound today so that should give them a little bit more room to spread out. There is only one gourd plant poking its head out, but I’ve got some more of those seeds, so I might go out and pop them in the ground this week.

The robins are singing and there is a nest on the beam right above the grill so I get to watch the mama bird come and sit in it pretty regularly. She didn’t care too much about Robert cooking out there last night, but I’m hoping she’ll stick around long enough to hatch her babies out. I watched her taking a bath in the water from the sprinkler this afternoon when I was watering the sunflowers and the lasagna garden.

Pollen and TAKS tests aside, I have to say that I really love spring!

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