Friday, April 9, 2010

Museum Day

Long day in Houston today. We left Longview at 8 am and drove all morning to get to Houston in time for lunch. After stuffing ourselves at Chipotle, we went back up the road to the Museum of Fine Arts and saw the amazing Alice Neel retrospective (among other things). Then we headed up to Kemah Boardwalk to eat some supper and hang out for a while. Getting ready now for bed and the even longer day ahead of us tomorrow.

(*In the interest of full disclosure, I posted this—or something akin to it—on Friday night around 10 pm. It posted fine from my phone and I assumed all was well, but when I was posting tonight [Sunday], I noticed that this entry was gone. Poof. No idea why. So, yeah, these aren’t exactly the words I used in exactly the order I used them, but they’re pretty close. Makes me wonder what else is missing. Damn Blogger.)

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