Thursday, April 8, 2010

End of My Week (Beginning of My Loooong Weekend)

Getting geared up to go to State VASE tomorrow. Got my classroom ready for my sub. Hope my kids aren’t total monsters. I hate leaving my classes with anyone else. It’s not like someone else can’t watch them and keep them in line. I just hate knowing the shenanigans that my students will (at least try to be) getting up to.


Watched some Top Gun on tv a little while ago. That has to be the worst best movie ever. Or maybe the best worst movie. I don’t know. But it’s awesome in its terribleness, that much I do know. Examined piece by piece—the stilted dialogue, Kelly McGillis’ matted, permed hair and whorey red lipstick, the not-so-subtle gay subtext—it should be the worst movie on the planet. Somehow, though, despite all these things—or perhaps because of them—it’s so awful that it transcends to sublime.

Alls I know is, if I ever need a jet plane flown, Tom Cruise is first on my list. Pre-jumping-on-couches, pre-glib-spewing-at-Matt-Lauer, pre-braces Tom Cruise. Because he was perfect back then. Wasn’t he?

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