Friday, April 23, 2010


End o’ the week.

Tired. (Natch. What’s it like not always being tired? Anyone?)

Cranky. (Kids stole my tape dispenser and the Splenda tablets from my coffee center. Brats.)

Proud. (Son got stickers all week for behaving at school! Plants are taking hold in the garden! I got my soaker hoses in place in the flower beds and the sprinkler in place for the lasagna bed and the sunflower house! The sunflower house is sprouting pretty well! My green beans are sprouting really well!)

Annoyed. (Now that my watering systems are in place, it’s raining. I mean, yeah, I’m saving money by not having to manually water, but still, I was kind of proud of my work.)

Anticipatory. (Giving blood in the morning. Have been meaning to do so for about eight weeks now, having intended to give eight times this year [the maximum allowed in a year], but just haven’t been able to make it in. Doing it tomorrow; enough is enough. Also going to the Lowe’s clinic tomorrow with the boy to let him build a bird house. If you’ve got kids kindergarten and up, these workshops are awesome! They build stuff for free and, well, it’s at Lowe’s, so that’s a win. These two things aside, the hubby and I are planning on…doing nothing. No out of town engagements. No visits. We had been invited to an barbecue for some friends who are celebrating their birthdays, but that got canceled in light of the aforementioned rain. )

Sick to death. (Of the TAKS test. We’re administering next week. I hate my job, sometimes. I mean, not really, but I do hate the bullshit that goes along with it sometimes.

Going to bed. (Because I’m freakin’ tired.)

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