Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time Suck

I came in here 30 minutes ago to post quickly about how tired I am (I ran tonight—at least I have an excuse this time!) and how I was going to be hitting the hay. I know, groundbreaking. Totally new stuff. Never before seen.

Oh, yeah. I’ve said all that before.

Well, dammit, I am tired. I did run and I am worn out.

And I was going to do a quickie and go to bed by 11 pm tonight.

And then Facebook sucked me in.

Man, that thing is dangerous. I try really hard not to spend too much time on it. I played one of those neighbor games on it last summer, but c’mon, I was home all day every day and I had the time to do it. Nowadays, I do good to just bathe the kids on a semi-regular basis, much less trade goodies in a pretend city.

But it’s always fascinating to see what things people are posting, only because I think it gives you an insight into their psyche you might not get any other way. What people are drawn to—and are willing to share with their entire friend list—is pretty telling.

Are you a bleeding heart liberal? Red hot conservative? Don’t care, just want to get stoned all the time? Listen to music with disturbing lyrics?

I’ve got friends who I would never discuss any of these things with, but yet I know all of these things about them. I know who has new piercings, who got a new pet, who thinks the Democrats are bleeding idiots, who thinks the Republicans are soulless devils and what TV shows they all watch.

I really kind of like the Facebook universe, but sometimes I have to just look away because it can be too much to take in.

Sometimes I just don’t want to know.

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