Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wounded by Winter

It’s cold. When it gets cold, my already somewhat dry skin gets even drier. Sometimes, like today, it gets so dry that it spontaneously splits and I get these painful, very deep cut-type things that look like paper cuts, feel like paper cuts, but that are definitely not paper cuts. I then get to slather on the Neosporin and pop on Band-Aids which promptly fall off because the cuts are never in a place where my skin is Band-Aid shaped. If I weren’t so darned cheap, I’d go buy those butterfly-type Band-Aids that you can wrap around your fingertip that won’t fall off within the hour. Or, I might get the foamy-type bandages that have really good flexibility and stick really well. Instead, I make do with the bacon shaped bandages I bought Robert for Christmas last year (came with a little pig toy—bonus!) and the last of Harrison’s Transformers bandages. The former have little stick to them, so they de-adhere pretty much the first time that I breathe in their direction. The latter stick better, but when I bend my finger they break open; thus, I’ve now got a piece of tape wrapped around my Band-Aid to keep it from falling off my hand.

I hate winter.

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