Monday, January 18, 2010


Went to a sewing…not really a class, per se, although they did teach about different feet and how they affect your sewing machine, but more of a…gathering, I guess I’d call it. The quilt shop lady showed the new stuff they had at the shop (lots of cute stuff that would make adorable clothes for my kids—would that I had money!) and then gave the aforementioned foot talk. They meet once a month at this shop and apparently they’re going to be discussing all the different types of feet and how they can be used. Looks to be pretty interesting.

Finished the…gathering…with a show and tell from the members. Everyone else brought quilts or quilted things. Most of them were embroidered on fancy-pants embroidery machines. As I have no emb. machine (nor do I want one any time soon—when would I use it?), nor do I quilt in any active sense of the word, I was the lone garment bringer. I brought the dress I finally finished for Laura’s birthday to show. There were many, many ooohs and aaaahhs, as could be expected in a room in which I effectively brought the median age down to the lower 40s. (Read: there were lots of grandmas there. I was the only young mother there.)

Which is not to denigrate the dress—I think it came out spectacularly. I’ll post pictures and details probably tomorrow as I’m running late for my second date night with Jack Bauer.

Let me just say quickly, though, that being in a room with a slew of menopausal and post-menopausal women into which I didn’t wear my jacket was an experience. A very cold experience.

I’ll not be forgetting my jacket again. Even in summer.

All told, though, it was a really interesting night and it was cool to be around people who have the same hobbies and obsessions as I do. Looking forward to next month.

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