Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Making a little headway in the Seven Habits book. Pretty interesting, although I’m still in the intro stuff. Between that and the library books I got last week and the two waiting for me that have been ordered through interlibrary loan (Celia Rivenback is a new favorite…), I feel like all I’m doing lately is reading. Which is good. But I feel pulled in lots of directions.

Add to that the fact that Laura has so graciously shared the cold she’s been harboring for a week and, well, you can guess how pleasant a bear I’ve been the past few days. I’m about to go dose up on NyQuil and hit the hay. Should have done so earlier, but I’ve been catching up on emails that I’ve missed from being in bed so much from being sick…

Incidentally, I placed the taste of the green NyQuil: black jelly beans. Don’t know why I picked that one. Normally get the red stuff. Never let the sick woman shop. Sigh.

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