Thursday, January 14, 2010


This is the real deal, this time.

I thought, feeling Laura’s gums last night, that they were particularly bumpy but as she wouldn’t let me keep my finger in her mouth for longer than a split nano-second, I couldn’t really tell. Upon trying to feel it again tonight, I felt the first seashell-gritty texture of a tooth extruding from her lower gums.

Yay! My ten-and-a-half-month old daughter finally has a tooth!

I mean, I love a toothless grin as much as the next gal—they’re truly adorable. On the practical side of it, the longer you are without teeth, the longer you are (theoretically) without cavities, so that’s good. Also, the absence of teeth tends to make any mindless chewing on your hand/finger/whatever much more pleasant than a series of nibbles from baby incisors.

But the only thing cuter than a toothless grin is a baby’s three-toothed grin and as of tonight we’re well on our way to it.

Considering that she was not real hep to me checking out the protrusion, I think it’s pretty much a good assumption that it will be a while before she opens up enough to get a picture of it.

Just take my word for it, though.

The girl’s got [a tiny bit of] a tooth showing!

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