Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inane Sick Woman Ramblings

So the whole house is covered in snot and coughing and, frankly, it’s getting old.

I hate being sick more than just about anything else—it just seems like a total waste of time on everybody’s part. Worse yet, it always seems to happen when I’ve got stuff planned. Some would say that I make myself sick by overextending myself, weakening my immune system and thereby letting the nasty germs in.

I think it’s got more to do with the fact that my kids cough and sneeze and I’m breathing around them and don’t bother to wear the creepy Michael Jackson mask.

In any event, Laura is, for the most part, getting over her crud. I wobble between feeling better and feeling like my throat needs a good scrub with a wire brush. Robert has been cruddy the last day or two but has been very valiant about the whole deal, barely mentioning it. Harrison started coughing a few days ago and was running a low-grade fever today.

So yeah. We got germs.

On another front, the Boy lost his firth tooth tonigth. I’m about to go see if the Tooth Fairy has come for a visit yet and then I’m going to head on to bed myself.


I’ll be posting more reviews pretty soon—I’ve got several things I sewed up last year that I got on the blog, but that I never formally reviewed, so that’s on the horizon. ( I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m trying to get my PR star rating up to two stars. I know it’s silly, but there it is. I’m a terrible attention whore. Love me. Please.)

I’m also going to be in charge of the sandwiches at the Boy’s Valentine’s Day party at school (how pretentious does that sound!?!) so if anyone has any suggestions for easy recipes that don’t involve peanuts (allergies—meh), please share. Otherwise, I’m going to have to resort to ham and cheese. I’m thinking something I can cut with a big ol’ heart shaped cookie cutter (because, Lord knows, I never make cookies with it!). Dunno. Ideas?

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