Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bed-ward, March!

No reviews tonight. I’m tired and will be hitting the hay soon. I did get some patterns traced—a long sleeve t-shirt and a button down shirt from the new Ottobre. Very much looking forward to getting them cut out and sewn. I think the t-shirt will go together very easily—I’ve got five fabric combos picked out for the boy so I think I’m going to assembly line them using the same thread for them all. If I play my cards right, I could have them all done in about a week or so—it very much looks like a ‘zip zip zip’ type of pattern.

Some day I’ll be making something for myself again. At least I keep telling myself that. In my free time.


Had fun with Cody and Amy coming over for dinner tonight. Good food, good visiting, good times. :)

Off to bed now. Maybe my sweet husband will let me sleep in a little bit in the morning… (Subtle? Nah.)

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