Thursday, January 28, 2010

Need a Happy Thought

Worn out with teenagers. Worn out with being sick. Just worn out.

Hoping that I’ll get my mojo back pretty soon. We’re starting a new unit in class—linear perspective, which I really, really enjoy—so I’m hoping that that will lift my spirits. We’re watching a video this week that details how perspective was developed during the Renaissance and it shows some awesome footage from Italy. All that does is make me want to go back to Florence, eat some gelato, drink some wine and draw.

Maybe in a few years when Laura is Harrison’s age now. We should have our money situation in hand by then, barring any big catastrophes, and the kids will be old enough to not have to be carried and cognizant enough to enjoy themselves.

Yes. I think when Laura is five, we need to go back to Italy. I think that’s a goal worth shooting for.

Saving my lira now. (Yes, I know Italy’s on the Euro now. Whatever. I still liked the lira.)


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