Tuesday, January 26, 2010

24 Body Count

Update on 24 body count:

Episode 5: 8 pm to 9 pm

  • The Russian weasely guy whose thumb Renee sawed off last episode (so she could remove his tracking bracelet)

And that’s pretty much it. Total is up to fourteen confirmed dead.

Not sure how I feel this season. Renee seems kind of whiny (I know, she’s been under terrible stress, but still…). Chloe, who I love because of her caustic attitude and unwavering loyalty to Jack, seems to have forgotten how to act. I’ve seen less stilted dialogue in junior high stage productions. Bubba Gump is running CTU, and so all I can do is wonder what kind of srimp he’s going to be having that day when he’s on screen. (I know, he’s an actor and that role was a long time ago. It’s not fair. Sorry. Can’t help it. Also, I know his last name wasn’t Gump. I just call him that. It makes me smile.) The blond chick who insists on having her hair pulled over one shoulder (Hollywood: NO ONE wears their hair like this! Seriously! It makes her look like Napoleon Dynamite’s girlfriend with the one-sided ponytail!) irks me. I’m sure she’ll survive the season and her ex-boyfriend will get his comeuppance, but I just don’t care about that storyline. And Scooby-Doo? (Yeah, I know Freddie Prinze, Jr. didn’t play the dog and, in fact, played Freddy, but again, I name ‘em what I want.) At least he’s not as obnoxious as the programmer/kid who keeps trying to push his way onto Blond-Hair-Over-Her-Should girl. Seriously—that guy would totally have a sexual harassment case on his hands in the real world.

And Jack. He’s a grandpa. I have to admit, that kind of takes away from it for me a little. I just have trouble with that concept because I always think of my own grandfathers trying to take on a terrorist and I just laugh. Maybe this makes me ageist, but so be it. I tune in to this show (how old am I that I say ‘tune in’?!?) to divorce myself from reality for an hour or so. Maybe this is as divorced from reality as you can get? :)

But the season is early. I figure I’ll get sucked in pretty soon and none of this will matter. I really do like the old skool vs. new technology slant they’re running with. I enjoy seeing the ‘old’ people walk on the scene and blast the newbies out of the water. That’s kind of fun. Predictable, but fun.

Looking forward to next week.

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