Monday, January 11, 2010

Ninja Boy

We’re all just kind of hanging now. Harrison’s got karate starting back up Wednesday night. He has kept his room really clean since we finally got it picked up and consolidated and so when Mrs. Fletcher asks about it this week, he can honestly say that he’s been doing his upkeep.

His physical work, on the other hand, needs some attention. He just got to thinking this week about how he’s not done pushups or sit-ups in ages, so he’s been doing them the past few nights. Pushups have never given him problems, but the sit-ups are kicking his butt (and always have). I’m not sure how to teach him how to do them the right way. I’ve tried explaining that you have to pull with your stomach muscles and not pull on your legs or use the inertia of swinging up, but he’s just not getting it. For now he’s practicing with his feet under the couch or a counter or any place he can fit them, but I worry about how he’ll do in a room with nothing under which to squeeze them.

As for the techniques, I think he’ll do fine once he’s in the room with the others. He really seems to enjoy the classes and so I’m looking forward to seeing how he’s going to do with this new belt color. Ninja camp is at the end of the month and I really want him to get to go to that again—he loved it the first time!

Harrison with KatanaHarrison with Katana

Practicing his katana skillz…

Harrison getting ready to spar!Harrison sparring with the Katana

Getting ready to spar…and getting crowned by the other kid. :)

Harrison with Nunchucks

Practicing with the nun chucks. Santa brought him a pair suspiciously like these!

Harrison tug'o'war

Playing tug-o-war with the black and brown belts. The yellows, of course, won and the black and brown belts had to do pushups as punishment. Rest assured—those were some happy children! :)

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