Monday, July 27, 2009

Well, you got trouble, my friend…

So you’ll remember I roasted a chicken a few nights ago. Super easy, super delish. For Part 2 of the sustenance that that particular fowl provided my family, I whipped out probably the easiest chicken soup recipe I could find. (Yes, easier even than roasting the chicken itself!) I boiled up some rice-in-a-bag, dumped beans, veggies and chicken with broth into a big pot and had a fabulous meal in all of, like, 20 minutes. (Strains of ‘Oh Lord, It’s Hard To Be Humble’ filling my brain as I clean up after supper… :) )

We had lots of playing time for Harrison today. Laura pretty much just kicked back all day, eating when the spirit moved her, playing when she wanted to and basically just being the laid back sweet thing I’ve come to expect. Harrison, on the other hand, had to sit on the Green Carpet (our version of Time Out) with both of his play dates. (Not that I’m keeping score, but he drew on one friend’s drawing without her permission and didn’t listen at his other friend’s house. Nothing big. Basic kid stuff.)

This morning, the little girl across the street came over to play while her mom took her brother to the doctor for a well-baby visit. Listening to the two preschoolers play, it was pretty hard not to laugh. Five year olds have a need to top each other that I rarely see anywhere else. They argued over whether super heroes are real (final concession: they’re real people but they’re just dressing up for pretend) and whose Dad spanks harder. Apparently, Robert is the harder disciplinarian. The topper was when the little girl told me that while Harrison was on the Green Carpet, she had prayed for him.

[If you feel the need to tell me about how barbaric spanking is, please just head elsewhere. There is a difference between a spanking and a beating. I received many spankings as a child—far fewer than I should have, I’m sure—and there is nothing inherently wrong with me. The same goes for my husband. My son receives the occasional spanking for flagrant misbehaviors when visits to the Green Carpet and denial of privileges have not proven effective.  Sometimes, when all else fails, a stinging butt makes an impact when words alone do not. At least I do discipline my child, which is more than I can say for lots of parents whose kids I see coming through my classroom each year. But that’s a rant for another day.]

This afternoon, we went to visit some of our friends from church. I really enjoy visiting with this family. They are interesting, quirky and an all around fun group to be with. The older daughter is Harrison’s favorite babysitter and the younger brother and he run and play like they, themselves, are siblings. Their mom and I sit around and watch the kids play, laughing and chatting, playing with Laura and just hanging out. It’s nice to have another adult friend to talk to. I always end up staying much later than I planned when we go visit, but they’re so interesting and it’s so nice to be able to talk to someone who doesn’t care about Transformers or Speed Racer. :)

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