Saturday, July 18, 2009


Well, technically, he’s a pretty big boy already. The kid is long. He’s all legs, though. When he cuddles up on my lap, I feel like I’ve got a grasshopper in my arms. I think he’s going to be tall—much taller than me (which isn’t really saying much…), but also taller than Robert, probably. My brother is and my grandmother was very tall, so the genes are there. On the other side, both Robert’s mom and her twin sister (natch) are tall. He doesn’t stand a chance.

We bought his supplies last night and spread them all out this morning to see what it all looked like. I’ve always loved this part of getting ready for school. I enjoy the cataloging of belongings, thinking of the great things I’m going to do with them. Granted, lots of time the things I plan to do with the supplies get laid to the side and I end up doing something else with them. I love the potential, though. The idea that these tools could be part of something great. And I love the smell of them. Just do.

Holy Crap! He needs all that for Kindergarden?

I think he was most excited about the new shirts. He’s been going to a private Montessori School since he was 18 months old, so all he’s ever known for school clothes are polo shirts with the school logo embroidered on them. When we decided that this was the year to go on to public school, he was apprehensive at first, but once he found out he was going to be a Pirate (the mascot for our school), he was pretty psyched. When he found out he could wear t-shirts if he wanted—any kind of t-shirt at all, not just the once-a-week t-shirts he has at his Pre-K—he was over the moon. He’s now got a respectable collection of Transformers (four, plus the one he already had!), Star Wars (one, plus the one he had) and Super Hero (one, plus an older one) shirts. Add in the Transformers shoes, underwear and backpack and it’s not hard to see where his allegiance lies these days.

Laura is teething, I think. She’s fussy and won’t take her bottle very well, but she’s giving all the hungry signs. She’s not got any fever, so I guess I should be glad of that, but there is slobber everywhere. We tried some Orajel on her tonight and I can’t quite emphasize how unhappy with that experiment she was. She was OK at first, because it was cherry flavored like all the stuff they make for kids these days, but once the first wave of cherry was gone, she was pissed. There is no other way to describe it. She looked at me as if I had betrayed her in the worst possible way.

I, of course, laughed because 1) I’m just mean that way and 2) …yeah, I’m just mean that way. She was so angry and I couldn’t make her stop crying and so I laughed. She was not amused.

She did, however, finish taking her bottle and fell asleep. Of course, when I put her in bed, she woke up and was angrier than before. Robert took the reins, though, and so he put a little more Orajel in her mouth (I had only gotten the top gums—she was pissed, y’all!), fed her some more and she’s in bed now. I’m hoping she’ll be able to sleep through this. We’ve not had any teething issues with her at all, but I figured it was about time. Harrison, if memory serves, didn’t start teething until he was about five months old, but she’s only a few weeks off from that, so I don’t think it’s remarkably early.

The pictures I include here are from earlier today. We were at a birthday party for one of Harrison’s friends and I took the girl in to change her diaper when I was struck by how beautiful she was. Man, I’ve got a pretty kid. Two of them, actually. Just thought I’d share the wealth. :)

The one of the left shows her personality a little better—she’s such a happy baby (when I’m not putting Orajel in her mouth), but the one on the right shows her peaches and cream skin tone better. She’s a little paste baby on the left. :) I guess I could Photoshop the first one, but I’m lazy. At least I own it.

Happy GirlInquisitive Girl

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