Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chilled Out Sunday

Not much to say today. Harrison spent the night with my parents last night, so we were able to sleep in a little later (as late as Laura would sleep, anyway), which was nice. We also got to watch The Dark Knight, which we can never do when the boy is around since he knows it’s PG-13 and that he’s not allowed to watch it. I mean, yeah, we could wait until he’s asleep and then watch it, but it’s a long movie and there’s no way we’d be able to stay up late enough to see the whole thing. And watching a movie over two or more nights just sucks. It just does.

Got started cutting out some jammies for Laura. I’m using the Chickadees and Hearts coordinates I got from The Joy of Sewing Co-op the other day—really good quality stuff, really cute prints. I’m combining two prints with a solid brown velour panel in pattern #6 from Ottobre 03/04. The sewing part shouldn’t take too long once I get everything cut out, so I’m hoping to get started by tomorrow night. I also need to start digging around to find some fabrics for Sarah’s birthday gift—she asked for #19 and #20 from 01/09, but I have to ‘girl up’ the chipmunk with a tiara, a dress and some shoes. Should be interesting. :)

Had Tonia and family over for a visit tonight, which was cool. I never get to see her anymore and so it’s always cool when they come over. Harrison loves playing with Sarah and the kids seemed to have a really good time tonight. We hope to go see them in FW pretty soon—maybe sometime this summer we can get up there and go to the zoo or something.

C’est tout.

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