Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I may have screwed up…

Harrison has been on a ‘wedding’ trip lately. He is all the time talking about getting married and planning for the big day. I had to tell him that he’s not allowed to marry me because I’m already married to Daddy, which was very disappointing to him. He then decided that he would marry Laura, which we also had to shoot down since we don’t live in backwoods Arkansas. (JK to any Arkansas readers—I have family there and it’s beautiful country.)

So Harrison asked tonight if he’s not marrying me and he’s not marrying Laura, then who would he be marrying? Thinking quickly, I told him that one day when he was a grown up with a house and a job and a college education, he’d be bringing home a girl for us to meet. I said that she’d probably never be truly good enough for my baby, but that we would love her and she would become part of the family. I told him that she would be beautiful, smart and would make him very happy. Then he wanted to know her name. I told him he’d be marrying a girl named Rosie, since that was the first name that popped into my head.

So now he’s walking around the house, whispering “Rosie” to himself over and over. I wouldn’t worry, except I know how long he can remember stuff, so I fear that some other great girl will come his way when he’s 25 and he’ll have to tell her, “Sorry, I’m destined to marry a ‘Rosie.’” He thinks that way.

In other news, we missed swim classes tonight because of the impending thunderstorm. We could have hung around and they would have started the class later, but we just didn’t see sitting at the pool and watching the water for 30 minutes. We instead came home and watched The Rescuers. Harrison liked it, but not as much as he likes Speed Racer (as he felt the need to tell me).

I took a first aid/CPR class today. Apparently, things have changed in the past five years since Harrison was a baby. They do not advise checking for pulses at all anymore unless you are a medical professional. The American Heart Association’s stance is pretty much that if you aren’t breathing, your heart isn’t working so when you check for breath and there is none, go ahead and administer CPR along with the breaths. Conversely, if your heart isn’t beating, you won’t be breathing for long so you start the 30 pumps/2 breaths cycle at that point as well. I also learned how to use the AED, which is not as scary as I thought it would be.

I guess the only thing I would have liked to cover that we didn’t hit on in class was infant CPR, but I can look up the specs for that online, I’m sure. With a Kindergartener (!!!! He turns 5 in 3 days!!!!) and an infant in the house, I think it’s good to have as much knowledge as possible on hand. I never had to use any of that info for Harrison, knock on wood, and I’m hoping that I will again be over-qualified. Better to have the training and not need it than to need it and not have had it.

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