Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Harrison!

Man, it’s been a long day! We had Harrison’s party at the park and despite the heat, it was a wonderful day. We had lot of friends and family around to help us celebrate and the kids had a blast. The cake was, according to Harrison, “the best” and the cupcakes were a nice addition. Overall, I feel blessed to have such good friends and family and to have such a wonderful husband who helped [read: did all the hard and/or repetitive/boring stuff so I could concentrate on the cake and cupcakes] make the day so special. Above all, I am blessed to have two beautiful children who are well behaved (reasonably) and very happy (for the most part).

After the party and the inevitable naps that followed, we went out to the balloon glow at the airport and the kids got to spend some time with Mike’s kids. Harrison was really excited about this since he doesn’t get to see them very often. The lights were, as always, beautiful and magical. This has become another birthday tradition that I love—the city hosts the event every year on the weekend that is closest to the boy’s birthday.

I’ll post pics tomorrow—too tired tonight!

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