Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Time For Sewin’

I was supposed to be able to sew all day today since both kids were at their respective schools and I didn’t have any workshops to take. What happened, instead, is that I got to take my van out to the Chrysler place to get the door worked on. They were really nice about ferrying me back and forth between my house and the dealership, but  a good chunk of my time was spent riding in cars.

In addition, instead of staying home during lunch (after being ferried back here), I got Robert to take me out to eat. We went to this new (to us) Thai place downtown that was really good. I had never had Thai food before, but was really pleased with what we had (Pork Pad Thai). Prices were reasonable and the food was awesome. The only glitch was that it took over 30 minutes for them to get the food to us. In their defense, though, they cooked it fresh right then and didn’t have it sitting around waiting for someone to come in and order it. All told, I will definitely eat there again—just might call my order in ahead of time.

Back at the dealership this afternoon, I was struck agog when I tried out the door they had fixed and it still didn’t work!!! I mean, yeah, you could push the button and the door would open and close. But it wouldn’t stop at the end of the ‘open’ cycle so if you were planning on getting in that door, you had to be very, very fast. I showed it to the guy who had just handed me my keys and he seemed surprised. I was surprised that he was surprised—did they not have someone check the button to see if it worked when they finished installing the part? It seems so logical to me, but I’m just an Art teacher—I don’t know anything about being an auto mechanic. Perhaps I’m over looking some pertinent piece of information here. Or maybe they’re just maroons.

But it’s fixed now. Works like a charm.

Didn’t get to do much sewing before supper because I was watching Transformers with my son. Robert finally got it fixed, removing all the vulgar language and the worst of the violence (yeah, he left some fighting in, but c’mon, they’re robots! That’s different!). When he realized what the ‘surprise’ movie was, his jaw just about dropped off and his eyes nearly fell out. That’s my kind of reaction to a surprise. :)

Transformers GoodnessTransformers

I’m still not done with Sarah’s skirt—my stinking coverstitch machine is being a brat. It works fine as a serger, but when I try to use the coverhem, it goes postal on me. I’ve already called the shop in tears because of this machine and it’s tweaky performance. I’m getting very near ready to tell them exactly what I think of their machine. Or maybe I should just call them and ask for help again….

Either way, I’m getting Sarah’s skirt done under duress, but it will get done. Soon.

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