Thursday, July 9, 2009

Soooo very near done….

…with Laura’s pajamas. I’ve been fighting working on them for several days now, between fighting with taking care of the kids and trying to not completely neglect hubby. They’re really not that bad to sew; it’s the velour that’s giving me the most fits. I’m using the pink and brown hearts and chickadees coordinating fabrics I got from The Joy of Sewing co-op a few weeks ago, but in between them, I’ve inserted a panel of brown velour. It’s soft, cuddly and pretty much a total brat to work with. That being said, I really like how the thing is coming out, so I may or may not use it again in the blue colorways of the same fabric. We’ll see—I’ll probably want to take a break from it pretty soon…

Tonight was Harrison’s last swim lesson for this cycle. It' was ‘Family Show Off Night',’ so my parents came out to see him strut his aquatic stuff. Since Mike is in town with his family, Mom and Dad brought his kids along, as well. The kids seemed to have a good time watching Harrison in his lesson, but I felt pretty badly that they didn’t get to swim with him. Maybe sometime soon before they leave.

Robert’s got some video from the class. Here he is swimming underwater a little bit and finishing up with his patented Wolverine move. :)

Tomorrow is Harrison’s last day as a four-year-old. On one hand, I’m sad to see it happen because it means that my baby has, indeed, grown up and that he’s only going to keep doing so. On the other hand, he’s such a cool little dude and I’m so proud of him. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next—he never fails to amaze me with his wit and his kindness. For all that I want to strangle him, Homer Simpson-style, some days, I really do love my little Bug Boy and know that deep down, he’s a keeper.

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