Friday, July 17, 2009


My ducklings are growing up!

Laura, at her well baby visit, was almost 16 pounds!!! That’s double what she weighed when she was born, and then some! The pediatrician was very impressed that she’s so strong—she has been standing (with support from us, of course—she’s only four months!) on her own legs, bearing weight, for at least a month now—maybe more. She holds her head up extremely well and rolls over like a champ. I’m really not trying to play the ‘My Baby’s Better Than Your Baby’ game, but my baby kicks butt! :) She did not like getting her vaccinations, but she’s all but forgotten them now, so I guess she’ll be ok.

While there, the doc said that when she gets to be five, maybe six months old we could put her in an exersaucer or a Johnny-Jump-Up. I looked at her sheepishly and admitted that I had put Laura in Harrison’s old exersaucer-type walking thing (I don’t know what to call it—it’s not the kind that’s just a wobbly disk—there’s a leg that the whole thing rotates around and it’s got all kinds of toys that make noise) this very morning. She seemed surprised, but said that as long as she’s not slumped over and is holding herself up reasonably that she could keep playing in it.

I'll Get You My Pretty!

Almost there...


I think we could say that she’s holding herself up reasonably well. :)

The jammies, by the way, are the ones I finished the other day. I need to get a better picture of her in just them and not in a giant toy, but I think you can get an idea of how they fit, more or less. They’re kind of big in the torso, but just about right in the legs—I’ve got a long-legged pony here! There’s plenty of torso room, so I think even as she gets taller, she should be able to wear them for a while. Pattern is Ottobre 03/04, #6.

My other little duckling is getting one step closer to starting kindergarten and so one step closer to being grown up. :( We went shopping tonight for the school supplies he’s going to need—there was a pretty extensive list! I know that the weekend before school starts there will be all kinds of sales and there’s going to be the big tax free weekend, but I abhor crowds to the point that I can’t breathe or maneuver and so I don’t mind paying retail, or very near, to avoid them.

And besides, I love new school supplies so much, I don’t want to miss the experience for all the misery. I know it’s dorky and not a little crazy, this need to smell the crayons, feel the fresh paper and write names legibly on everything, but at this moment in my mind, all things seem possible. The boy can listen to his teachers and do what they ask! His work will get done, the first time he is asked to do it! Or at least, I hope these things for him. Whether they do or not is up to him. He’s getting better at following directions, but I always worry for him. I guess I need to stop hovering and let him fail something a time or two so he can see his consequences. He’s still young enough to learn. I think I’m just too old to.

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