Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Truth In Advertising

Mom was over at the house this afternoon looking through old pictures of the family.  One of her favorite games is to ask Harrison if he knows who the baby in the picture is. It’s usually someone older—me or Mike, Mom or Dad, whomever. Sometimes, it’s one of the kids—mine or Mike’s.

So anyway, she’s looking through pictures and finds a few of Harrison when he was a toddler. She asks him, “Hey, Harrison, do you know who this is?”

“That’s me, Nannie!”

“Aww, weren’t you cute!”

“Yep, I sure was!”

“What were you doing in this picture?” I didn’t see the picture but if I know my kid, he was making some kind of face or something like that.

“I was being a rooty-poot.”

At least he knows.

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