Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time Ticking Away

As overly melodramatic as it sounds, the last few grains of sand in my summer vacation clock are all but gone. I’ve got inservice all this week, which usually means two days of sitting through assemblies and motivational talks and another two days in my room, finishing up with the cleaning and greeting parents on Meet the Teacher day. I’ve got one day of assemblies done (we got clown noses—to remind us to keep our sense of humor) and have another day tomorrow. I think the biggest benefit to having this week of preparation before school starts back up is that it allows all us teacher-folk to realign our internal clocks so we can once again wake up before 8 AM.

Speaking of clocks, the alarm and I were not good friends this morning, especially after Laura decided to get up at 4:15 AM for an early morning meal. Back in bed by 5 AM, the 6:15 AM alarm came and went. Maybe tomorrow morning will be better. I know this much for sure—I have absolutely no desire to stay up until midnight or 1 AM, as I have been doing the past week (as well as most of the rest of the summer, if we’re being honest here…).

Off to bed, off to soul bleeding sleep, off to a better morning tomorrow.

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