Friday, August 21, 2009

Final Friday

And so it goes.

My summer is, much to my chagrin, all but gone. I spent the day working in my classroom and with the other teachers in my department, getting our game plans ready for when the kids get here next week. Cosmetically, my room is ready although I have quite a bit of stuff hidden behind closed doors in my closets. I’ve got four student aides, though, so I’ll be putting them through their paces next week, testing their filing skills, as well as their ability to hang stuff up without it looking like crap. Several of them are quite tall, so they should be very helpful in this endeavor.

My classroom machinations, though, are nothing to Harrison’s teacher’s. We went yesterday to Meet the Teacher and, well, met the teacher. She’s really nice and Harrison seems like he’s going to like her. He is very glad that his friend, Johnathan is in there with him, as am I. I had hoped he’d have at least one friend he already knew when he started here since it’s a totally new school. His teacher has done all kinds of prep work already, from bulletin boards (very big with the elementary set) to folders for the kids and ‘coping’ packs for the moms with a note that is intended to ease the pain of transition.

Mrs. D. also knows where her kids live, which blows my mind—I don’t even know how many kids I have, much less that level of minutia detail. But her house is a block away from us; it struck me as funny because she mentioned it during our visit with her. I told Robert that that’s how you tell the elementary teacher from the secondary teacher—I would never dream of telling a teenager where I live. :)

Speaking of where we live, because the driver starts her route a few blocks away from us, Harrison will be out on the curb catching the bus at 6:30. AM. Yes, the 6:30 that is still kind of dark a good chunk of the year. My five year old son is going to be getting ready to board his morning transportation before I’ve finished my cup of coffee. For that matter, the coffee might still be brewing at that point. I really want to be optimistic about this because he really, really wants to ride the yellow school bus, but I just don’t know how this is going to work out. I have the distinct feeling that I will end up taking him to school. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Robert and I are off tomorrow morning to go to my high school reunion and we’ll be driving back on Sunday to have a last, golden day with Harrison before he starts down his road to graduation.

Oh, and yesterday was two months of writing—one sixth of the year down! Woot!

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